marți, 14 aprilie 2009

Cateva chestii.. stiintifice despre starea transcedentala a Universului

Dupa cum bine stiti, imi placea mult de tot fizica la un moment dat.. :P

The vaccum state is transcedental and unmanifest, yet it is the source of all manifestation. It is omnipresent and all pervasive, since it underlies all of the various excited (or active) states of the Universe.
Further it is non-spatial, non-temporal, immutable, and absolute.
According to the quantum field theory, the vaccum states represents perfection - it is the level where ordeliness is perfect and entropy (randomness and disorderliness) is zero. In addition, the vaccum state is a field of silence and non-action which is totally unaffected by any level of activity.

The vacuum state is transcedental (in the sense of beyond or outside of) because it is beyond even the subtless fluctuations of the real world; it is unmaniffest because its fluctuations are not excited enough to become manifest in the real world; it is omnipresent because it is a continuous, all pervasive background for all the more excited states of existence; it is non spatial because, as Einstein showed, space has meaning only as a measure of distance between objects or events ; it is non-temporal because time is a measure of change but there is nothing in the vacuum state to change ..and it is absolute since there is nothing within it to establish
relationships - it is prior to all relationships , to all relativity.

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